“CEDRUS” provides import and export forwarding services by road throughout the Europe. Our customers can be ensure that their cargo will be transported safely, quickly, on time and customers will have all the information relating to the load.

Our company forwards cargo by tent semi-trailers 82 m3 – 92 m3, refrigerators, road trains (120 m3), MEGA (100 m3). We also take care of oversized cargo transportation on platforms.

The main export directions: Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, France, Hungary, Slovenia and other European Countries.

The main import directions: Italy, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and other European Countries.

Transportation segments:

  • car parts
  • building materials
  • HI-Tech and electronics
  • FMCG and perishable goods
  • pharmaceutical products
  • food and beverages
  • excise goods
  • dangerous goods (ADR)
  • general purpose goods

Cargo delivery takes place directly from Europe or with the possibility to reload cargo in Lithuania / Poland.

Regular routes to Lithuania:

We take partial loads directly from suppliers and deliver them to the consolidation warehouse in Vilnius or to the terminals of our foreign partners, where your goods are combined into one full load and delivered to the final recipient with our regular transport routes. Goods stored in consolidation warehouses can be reloaded, sorted, packed, repacked at the customer’s request, and labels can be affixed on them. The goods will be delivered on time and at the best price, and you have full control over their movement.

We strive to provide our customers with maximum cargo transportation security and guarantee compensation for losses incurred due to cargo damage.

  • Warehouse license for excise products (storage of tobacco, alcohol)
  • Truck weight control system in place
  • All warehouses are equipped with modern security systems.
  • Warehouse hours: 7 days a week
  • Dangerous Goods Storage (ADR)
  • Possibility of side loading / unloading
  • Container loading and unloading ramps
  • Packaging, repacking, labeling and wrapping, additional quality control

JSC “CEDRUS” offers customs brokerage services in Lithuania and the Russian Federation.

  • Registration of preliminary import declarations to ensure fast delivery of goods across the customs border
  • Providing customs guarantees for transit cargo
  • Preparation of customs documentation in just one day
  • Registration of CMR, TIR, T1 and customs documents for transit through the EU countries
  • Providing customs guarantees and paperwork for temporary import / export of goods
  • Bonded warehouse services, customs warehousing of transit cargo
  • Change of ownership of goods in a customs warehouse (in the free zone)